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CCI* cross video - 20/11/2021 20:01

first start lists - 14/11/2021 16:22

The Wednesday running order for the 3 * S and 3 * L has been definitively validated.

For those who have several horses, it is still possible to change the preferential order of the horses (trois.fontaines8@orange.fr)

 Horse inspection:

Attached is the order of the inspection

For the CCI 3L: start 8:30 am, the order of the inspection will be the order of the dressage

 For CCI 2L: start 1 p.m.

For the CCI 1 intro: start 3 p.m

More than 330 entries  and 19 Nations

Here the Master Lists

CCI* Intro


CCI 3* S

CCI 3* L


FEI schedule - 12/10/2021 15:49

You can see the  schedule  ICI